Waste Pure Water Sachets Wanted in Uyo!

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Dear Pure Water Consumers in Uyo,

Waste pure water sachets is becoming a serious problem in Uyo; but it can also be an opportunity!

To help keep an important #NewYearResolution there is a #5KoboBounty per sachet to reclaim 10 million #WasteWaterSachets monthly in Uyo for recycling.

Instead of littering our streets, imagine waste pure water sachets exchanging as alternative currency – fiat/crypto! 🤑♻️
1 WWS = N0.05 = 0.00083333 CRAT

Head to Plasticultured.com/Bank to deposit;
Follow @Plasticultured on social media to engage;
Signup as Volunteer at bit.ly/plasticulturedvolunteer
Together, we can mine single-use plastic waste for a green future for all!