How Plasticultured Works!

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  1. After consumption, consumer segregates, accumulates and drops off their clean plastic waste supplies at Plasticultured facility.
  2. Plasticultured processes received supplies, issues acknowledgement, and banks it under consumers Plasticultured Account as Plasticultured (Recycle) Points.
  3. Consumers’ Plasticultured Points accumulates on each deposit of clean plastic waste, until they can redeem it as cash or kind.
  4. Plasticultured Points is accepted as alternative currency in the Plasticultured Community and ecosystem, and can be exchanged for Plasticultured equity, partner discounts, or donated for goodwill or charity.
  5. Congratulations! Your plastic waste is no longer destructive menace, but a valuable resource you can save, donate or invest for a better environment and future for all! Thank you for contributing to a #NetZeroPlasticWasteCulture in Uyo and beyond!


For N4000 ONLY #SmartConsumers can order a customized #PlasticulturedBin help their plastic segregation and recycling journey!

For N5000 savvy consumers enjoy full Plasticultured premium; which includes the bin, routine pickup, maintenance, and many more perks!

Want to do good with your plastic waste in Uyo?
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