Help Protect Our #OnlyOneEarth

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June 5, is #WorldEnvironmentDay2022 

Would you do nature a favor? 

Irresponsible human activity is destroying our beautiful environment, triggering severe nature and climate crisis.

Today and always we are reminded to take action to restore, protect and preserve the #OnlyOneEarth we call home.

Sometimes all you have to do for positive change is to share the right information with someone else.

It’s our right to be aware of right and wrong, and understand the impact and opportunities of our individual and collective actions in promoting right, or wrong.

We NEED more sensitization and collaborative support to challenge human-caused threats to our environmental sustainability in Uyo, and beyond;

Can we count on you?

Together as pioneers we can champion a better environment and earth for us!

Let’s do it!

#WED2022 Plasticultured Street Cleanup

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#WED2022 Plasticultured Street Cleanup
Happy June Plasticultured Fam!

This month commemorates #WorldEnvironmentDay2022 on June 5, 2022 themed #OnlyOneEarth reminding us to take collective and transformative action, on a global scale, to restore, protect, preserve and celebrate the ONLY PLANET we call home.

Since #WED2022 falls on Sunday,
a rest day, on Saturday, June 4, 2022 our #PlasticulturedStreet Project will continue the #NungAtaiCommunityCleanup Exercise we started in March 2022.

The problem is that poor consumerism and public waste management encourages pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss which triggers a #CodeRedEarth warning that gets worse if WE don’t take positive action now!

Our aim is to sensitize, cleanup, and support a better way to sustainably manage waste in our streets and communities.

When is the last time you did something caring for your environment and earth?

We are all responsible and vulnerable to the impact of environmental degradation and abuse!

Join us to clean up Nung Atai to raise awareness and inspire plasticultured streets in Uyo and beyond! 

Together we can ALL contribute to achieve a better earth for ALL!

How Plasticultured Works!

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  1. After consumption, consumer segregates, accumulates and drops off their clean plastic waste supplies at Plasticultured facility.
  2. Plasticultured processes received supplies, issues acknowledgement, and banks it under consumers Plasticultured Account as Plasticultured (Recycle) Points.
  3. Consumers’ Plasticultured Points accumulates on each deposit of clean plastic waste, until they can redeem it as cash or kind.
  4. Plasticultured Points is accepted as alternative currency in the Plasticultured Community and ecosystem, and can be exchanged for Plasticultured equity, partner discounts, or donated for goodwill or charity.
  5. Congratulations! Your plastic waste is no longer destructive menace, but a valuable resource you can save, donate or invest for a better environment and future for all! Thank you for contributing to a #NetZeroPlasticWasteCulture in Uyo and beyond!


For N4000 ONLY #SmartConsumers can order a customized #PlasticulturedBin help their plastic segregation and recycling journey!

For N5000 savvy consumers enjoy full Plasticultured premium; which includes the bin, routine pickup, maintenance, and many more perks!

Want to do good with your plastic waste in Uyo?
WhatsApp 07084133811 or SIGNUP a #PlasticulturedAccount NOW!

Order Now! Plasticultured Bin

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Order Plasticultured Bin
Order Now! Plasticultured Bin

This cool #PlasticulturedBin saves CLEAN #WastePureWaterSachets and #WastePETBottles as alternative money, to solve the plastic and climate crises in Uyo! 🙌🏾

Please ORDER NOW! 

N4000 ONLY! 

Pay N5000 instead and enjoy FULL BENEFITS – pickup, maintenance, replacement, rewards, co-ownership rights, etc! 🙏🏾

So cool we BUY BACK saved plastic waste, and even the bin for recycling! ♻️


The Plasticultured Bin is great gift idea; helps abused waste pure water sachets and plastic bottles in Uyo become valuable asset or gift too!





Music: The Universe Needs You

Musician: Sapajou


BREAKING! Waste Pure Water Sachets Tokenized in Uyo!

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It’s unprecedented!

#SmartConsumers in Uyo can NOW exchange their #WasteWaterSachets #WWS for fiat or Cryptocurrency! 🚯🚮♻️🤑🤩

*About 2000 WWS (Waste Water Sachets) will exchange for 1 Crat token!

(1 WWS = 5 Kobo)*

Plasticultured is essentially mining waste pure water sachets for recycling to pioneer a #NetZeroPlasticWasteCulture and promote #environmentalsustainability starting from Uyo!

Here’s the sweet deal!

#CRAT #D2C is an emerging utility reflect token that puts #ecommerce on the #blockchain to connect consumers directly to manufacturers and rewards them, and Crat token HODLers, a commission for each transaction made!

Crat is currently selling for $0.104 on #Hotbit with awesome use-cases, and is projected to reach $3-$100 in the short-to-medium term!

We think Crat has a good prospect to optimize future #ManufacturerConsumerRelationship and inclusion; and has potential use cases in the #PlasticulturedCommunity 

So Plasticultured #GotCRAT ! 🤩🤑♻️

And made it easy for the Plasticultured Community to #GetCRAT too! 😉

Think you can’t afford CRAT at about N100 per token; 

PAY WITH WWS! That’s Waste Water Sachets!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own a valuable crypto asset even with waste pure water sachets that currently just litters and pollutes Uyo!

Thanks to #Plasticultured EVERYONE CAN AFFORD TO GET CRAT NOW as reward for being eco-Conscious consumers!

It’s Easy!

  1. Open a Plasticultured account –
  2. Accumulate and bank your WWS –
  3. Redeem Crat Tokens and HODL for a #ReflectCommission or STAKE for up to 60 APY!

Now you know! 

Don’t toss your waste pure water sachets anymore!

Save them as #alternativecurrency instead to help #KeepAkwaIbomClean and green! 


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* Identify, engage and commit to what is good and right and sustainable around us.

* Train for balance – spirit, mind, body – water, air, land – net zero lifestyle.

* Inspire 1000 active consumers to reclaim 10,000,000 waste ‘pure’ water sachets in Uyo monthly.

* Grow @Plasticultured social media followers to 10,000.

* Take Plasticultured Basic Waste Education School Tour to 10 learning institutions in Uyo, and engage.

* Pioneer mindful consumption and proper waste disposal by consumers to champion environmental sustainability from Uyo.

* Take creative, radical and consistent action to inspire a thriving and sustainable local circular waste enterprise in Uyo.

Volunteer to help achieve #PlasticulturedResolution2022


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Our commitment on Wednesdays and Saturdays is to take pioneer action for adoption of a #NetZeroPlasticWasteCulture from Uyo.

We target #WastePureWaterSachets because of the frequency and volume of improper disposal, and the impact to our common environment and socioeconomic wellbeing.

In our just concluded #PlasticulturedPrivateBeta we:

  • Reclaimed over 1 million waste pure water sachets,
  • Onboarded over 100 active ecoConsumers on,
  • Engaged over 2000 organic followers on social media,
  • Took Basic Waste Education to about 5 Schools in Uyo
    We have validated that there is a NEED and OPPORTUNITY to do more.

2022 commences #PlasticulturedPublicBeta with a resolution for increased capacity to reclaim single-use plastic waste, onboard more stakeholders, and build towards a #NetZeroPlasticWaste future for Uyo and beyond.

To enjoy prospects for good success, we NEED EVERYONE to contribute and be plasticultured.
Remember everyone:everything suffers or survives the looming waste crisis depending on how you consume or dispose waste.
We ALL have a responsibility and motivation to get involved!
If we commit to do it together, we significantly improve our chances of success!

Check out #PlasticulturedResolution2022 and come onboard, let’s do it together!

This is also an open invitation to join #TeamPlasticultured in 2022 as we commit to change the narrative for #SocialWaste from Uyo, to Mars!


Volunteers sign up at
Connect 07084133811 to engage!

Waste Pure Water Sachets Wanted in Uyo!

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Dear Pure Water Consumers in Uyo,

Waste pure water sachets is becoming a serious problem in Uyo; but it can also be an opportunity!

To help keep an important #NewYearResolution there is a #5KoboBounty per sachet to reclaim 10 million #WasteWaterSachets monthly in Uyo for recycling.

Instead of littering our streets, imagine waste pure water sachets exchanging as alternative currency – fiat/crypto! 🤑♻️
1 WWS = N0.05 = 0.00083333 CRAT

Head to to deposit;
Follow @Plasticultured on social media to engage;
Signup as Volunteer at
Together, we can mine single-use plastic waste for a green future for all!

Would You Give Or Toss Your Waste Pure Water Sachets?

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Time To Cleanup Waste Pure Water Sachets Uyo!

What time is it?

It’s time to #CleanupPureWaterSachets littered all around Uyo!




Almost everyone consumes it, but #DoYouKnow that after quenching millions of thirst daily, almost ALL the millions of #PureWater consumed daily in Uyo is discarded improperly and indiscriminately?!

It’s mad sad because #WastePureWaterSachets is a leading cause of #PlasticPollution in #Nigeria🚯🚯🚯

One person started littering and messing up our environment, and everyone joined!

It also takes ONLY ONE person to sustainably #ReducePlasticWaste and that’s YOU!🚯🚮♻️

Here’s how to get started:

  1. #DONTLITTER plastic waste! 🚯
  2. Practice #PlasticSegregation 🚮
  3. Adopt the #5R standard – Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Remove(Replace), #RECYCLE every #SingleUsePlastic you consume! ♻️

That’s how #PlasticulturedCommunity started, now hundreds of #EcoConsumers and #EcoBrands are adopting a better plastic waste management culture in Uyo that is sustainable and inclusive.

It’s simple! Everyone can do it! 

Don’t litter! 🚯

Segregate and save your WASTE ‘PURE’ WATER SACHETS in #PlasticulturedBank for recycling instead!

To date, we have saved an incredible amount of waste pure water sachets from contributing to the growing #PlasticPollutionProblem in Uyo.


As responsible and vulnerable consumers we are the #FirstLineDefence and  #KeySolutionToPollution 

Together #LetsDoIt #LetsCleanupUyo and help #KeepAkwaIbomClean for a better environment and our common wellbeing.♻️ 

Here’s how to connect! 


@plasticultured (on Social Media)