Plasticultured Grilled Chicken BDay Party!

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My people,
You know say, even if you no get money, you fit pack Waste Sachet (Pure) Water plastic carry chop better chicken for Uyo?

This is an exclusive invite to the BEST GRILLED CHICKEN EXPERIENCE IN UYO!

3000 Waste Water Sachets or N3000 (admits two).
2000 Waste Water Sachets or N2000 (admits one).

The trick is that we love things!
…like PROPER GRILLED CHICKEN, great company, and figured, if we exchanged our secret recipe and specially prepped chicken for plastic waste, you’d be so psyched to help us create new value for plastic waste!
This would help towards our #ZeroPlasticWaste2022 and green communities mission, and add much needed value to help #KeepAkwaIbomClean and inspire a new narrative for a #CleanerGreenerNigeria with safer environment, resourceful youths, and sustainable communities.

RSVP NOW! 07084133811

Activities: Online raffle, games, music, dance. Earn #PlasticulturedPoints.

Chef Lifeskit Udoh of @FoodFlamesCatering on the grills, @fitntrepreneur the #quackchef on the zazzle…

Participants also earn Plasticultured Points which they can Exchange for real value on The Plasticultured Exchange.

Secret Code: #IAmPlasticultured

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What does it mean to be Plasticultured?

Being Plasticultured means you have adopted, and committed to promote the 5Rs (Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Remove, Recycle) of sustainable plastic waste management within your network.

So basically you become more aware of your #PlasticFootprint – how you use and discard your plastic waste, to discourage the worsening Plastic Pollution Problem, and promote a #CircularEconomy in the plastic value chain in Nigeria.

So, instead of contributing to the problem, you help the BEST SOLUTION by saving and depositing your CLEAN PLASTIC WASTE Plasticultured™️Bank to earn points you can trade for credit and real value.

This Saturday, from 9am to 6pm at Caprelo Makeover Studio, 2, Udosen Uko Street, by Nwaniba Road, we invite you to our #PlasticulturedTV set, to feature and help our #ZeroPlasticWaste2022 campaign by recording a 20sec pitch to support the Plasticultured Solution to the worsening #PlasticPollutionProblem in our communities.

Together we can make a difference!
It’s simple!
It’s #ForNature ♻️

Can’t saying anything yet about improper plastic waste abuse?

Say the #PlasticulturedPledge

#IAmPlasticultured 🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♀️

This is our confession and commitment to be active part of the Plasticultured legacy, inspired and driven by random eco-conscious Nigerian youths and brands.

We will use your pledge to create awareness for a sustainable #Plastic #Culture that has the BEST value for ALL! ♻️🙏🏾

Plasticultured™️ is an indigenous social youth-led enterprise, with an ingenious, sustainable, affordable, alternative solution to achieve #ZeroPlasticWaste2022 in our communities of influence.

Plasticultured Bank accepts clean plastic waste as #AlternativeMoney deposits, to add value to our environment, our youths, and common wellbeing.

Signup your account,
Refer friends,

#EarnToEnd plastic pollution in our communities.














Plasticultured World Environment Day 2020

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Plasticultured™️ in partnership with Rotary Club of Oxbow Lake, thislookslikebayelsa and other partners celebrated the World Environment Day 2020 event in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria. The teams observed the Day by sensitising people on plastic waste disposal, recycling and the potential economy within.
We also embarked on a plastic waste #CleanupExercise at the Samson Siasia Sports Complex in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

A big thanks to all our partners; Rotary Club Of Ox-bow Lake Yenagoa., Thislookslikebayelsa, @Unbrindled, @African Youth Union Commission, Bayelsa Chapter, @Maxim House, Bayelsa State Ministry of Sports Development, Ministry of Environment Bayelsa State, for your support in making it a memorable Friday.

Together, we are the BEST alternative to achieving a sustainable plastic litter-free #Yenagoa, #Bayelsa, #Nigeria.

To keep up to date with the our activities, what we do as an organization and how you can help us to achieve our target of #zeroplasticwaste2022 please kindly follow @Plasticultured across our social media platforms.

1stPlasticulturedBirthday #WorldEnvironmentDay2020 #Biodiversity #GoFurther #ForNature