Plasticultured Bank accepts clean Waste Pure Water Sachets and Plastic Bottles as alternative savings or investment for a greener future.

Waste shopping bags currently have no commercial value for us, but in our bid to achieve #CleanerGreenerUyo and #KeepAkwaIbomClean we will accept clean ones for free!

Buy-Back Price Sheet

For savings,
1 sachet = 5kobo, cashout from 2500 sachets.
1 PET = 25kobo, cashout from 1000 PET bottles.

For investment,
1 sachet = 8kobo, cashout from 500,000 sachets.
1 PET = 50kobo, cashout from 100,000 PET bottles.

* Please note that quoted price is subject to deposit of clean, dry plastic waste. There is a surcharge for dirty and wet deposits.
* Payments in points are redeemable for value.
* N1 = 1 Point