From the decision of one, a growing number of youths are adopting a better option to manage and reduce our plastic footprint.
Want to really make a difference?
Join the Plasticultured Community!

Instead of helping the plastic pollution problem that puts us all at risk, you can earn Plasticultured Points for the clean plastic waste you help us reclaim. Plasticultured Bank accepts clean plastic waste as alternative cash money deposits.

What do you stand to gain?
Earn Plasticultured Points that can be exchanged for real value.
Save, Deposit, Accumulate your Plasticultured Points and Exchange it for cash, equity, discounts, event tickets, subscriptions, eco products and services, and lots more!


  • Order Now! Plasticultured Bin
    This cool #PlasticulturedBin saves CLEAN #WastePureWaterSachets and #WastePETBottles as alternative money, to solve the plastic and climate crises in Uyo! ðŸ™ŒðŸ¾ Please ORDER NOW!  N4000 ONLY!  Pay N5000 instead and enjoy […]
  • BREAKING! Waste Pure Water Sachets Tokenized in Uyo!
    It’s unprecedented! #SmartConsumers in Uyo can NOW exchange their #WasteWaterSachets #WWS for fiat or Cryptocurrency! ðŸš¯ðŸš®â™»ï¸ðŸ¤‘🤩 *About 2000 WWS (Waste Water Sachets) will exchange for 1 Crat token! (1 WWS = […]
  • #PlasticulturedTrivia
    Answer in comment section of post on @Plasticultured Facebook or Instagram . Best answers win! 🤑


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